Our Motto is; “crux spes unica “Hail to the Cross, our only hope

The Joint Canadian College of Evangelical Bishops is an esteemed organization, endowed with Federal Letters of Patent by the Government of Canada. As a collective of Pentecostal Bishops, Apostles, and Prophets, our mission is to train and equip men and women for these distinguished offices.
At CCOEB, we foster an environment where our members are respected and recognized, without judgement based on the size of their ministries or churches.
We believe that with great responsibility comes greater expectations. Thus, we are committed to promoting a high level of moral integrity and excellence, both in ministry and in our personal lives.  More…
Creating International Bridges Through Global PartnershipsThe Joint Canadian College of Evangelical Bishops (CCOEB) establishes international connections through partnerships with ministers, ministries, and churches worldwide. Through ordination and consecration, men and women dedicated to God receive the opportunity for promotion and recognition within their respective callings.
Services Offered by CCOEB CCOEB provides consecration services for Bishops, affirmation for Apostles, and ordination for Prophets and Prophetesses. Candidates undergo a thorough examination of their ministry ethics and personal lifestyle before receiving these honors. We do not seek perfection; rather, we seek humble individuals who have dedicated themselves to fulfilling God’s will and embodying the call He has placed on their lives.
At CCOEB, we do not pass judgment; instead, we uphold each other to the highest standards expected of these sacred offices. More….
Equipping Members for SuccessThe Joint Canadian College of Evangelical Bishops (CCOEB) equips its members with the essential tools to fulfill their callings as Bishops, Apostles, and Prophets, shaping them into the respectable and successful leaders that God has intended.Bible College Programs We offer Bible College programs at discounted rates through a network of affiliated Bible colleges. This initiative ensures that CCOEB members adhere to a standardized approach when delivering Christian services globally, enhancing the quality and integrity of their ministries. More…