Our Dioceses

Archbishop Dr. William Kimando serves as the Chief Prelate of the Council of Christian Ordained Elders and Bishops (CCOEB) globally, and the Presiding Archbishop of Living Hope Family Churches, along with other churches affiliated with the William Kimando International Ministries. He is the visionary founder and President of William Kimando International Ministries and holds the esteemed positions of President and Chancellor at Shiloh College.
Alongside his leadership roles, Archbishop Kimando shares his life and ministry with his wife, Rev. Dr. Jane Kimando, who is the esteemed co-founder of these ministries.
Ordained in 2001, Bishop Wilberforce has been actively involved in ministry since 1997. He has significantly contributed to the Ghana Baptist Convention Denomination—Ghana’s largest Baptist denomination—where he served as a pastor from 2004 to 2016. Throughout his ministry, he has led four Baptist churches with dedication and grace.
Bishop Wilberforce is academically accomplished, holding a Diploma in Theology and Ministry, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Christian Education, topped with a Doctor of Divinity.
He is blessed with a family, married with two children.
Apostle Cassandra and Bishop Dr. Julius Puhindei heads the Sierra Leone and Hamilton Canada Diocese.
Bishop Dr. Joseph Togna Doré presides over the French-speaking Dioceses and is a consecrated Bishop of the Joint Canadian College of Evangelical Bishops. Embracing his rebirth as a Christian 25 years ago, Bishop Doré has dedicated 19 years to active ministry.
His multifaceted ministry roles have included serving as Pastor, Chairman of the Alliance of Churches and the Evangelical Missions of Guinea (AEMEG), and President of both the Emmanuel Foundation and the Mission of Reconciliation and Healing. He also represents the Institute of Theology: United Church, Christian and Ministerial Association (UCCMA), based in the USA.
In addition to his ecclesiastical accomplishments, Bishop Doré is a qualified chartered accountant. He oversees the diocese spanning Guinea and Sierra Leone. Bishop Doré is married to Apostle Dr. Thérèse Chapon Behanzin Epse Doré.
Bishop Dr. Leolene W. Harris serves as the International Administrator for CCOEB and the Canada Region Diocese Bishop. She is also the Bishop of the Guyana and Antigua Diocese. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, she migrated to Canada in September 1968 and was baptized in April 1998.
As a consecrated Bishop through the Joint Canadian College of Evangelical Bishops, Dr. Harris is also a licensed marriage officiant in Ontario. Her roles extend beyond administrative duties to preaching, teaching, and counseling, marking her as a dynamic woman of faith. Dr. Harris presides as the President of the Harris Providence Youth Outreach Association, with missions reaching across Asia, South America, Jamaica, and St. Lucia.
Her academic credentials include a Bachelor and a Master’s Degree in Christian Education, a Doctor of Divinity, and a Pastoral Counseling Certificate from Victory Bible College International and World Christian-ship Ministries. Additionally, she holds diplomas from the Bible Way Institute of Christian Counseling and Theological Studies of Ontario and Discovery Bible College.
Bishop Dr. Harris is married to Reverend Everson Livingstone Harris, an associate Pastor at Living Hope Family Church.
Bishop Dr. Clifton K. Thomas serves as the Bishop of the United Kingdom Diocese. He is the founder of Divine Blessings Ministries, based in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Bishop Dr. Thomas earned his Doctor of Divinity Degree from Shiloh College and is renowned as a Bible teacher, preacher, and church planter. His extensive ministry work reflects his commitment to spreading faith and nurturing spiritual communities.
He is happily married to Minister Paulette.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bishop-Dr.-Alexander-Cruz-Mercado.jpgBishop Dr. Alexander Cruz Mercado presides as the Bishop of the Philippines Dioceses. He is an ordained minister under the Philippine General Council of the Assemblies of God and the founder and bishop of Asian Church of the Missionaries of Love International Inc. He holds an honorary Doctor of Ministry degree from Theology University and is a Doctor Fellow of the Royal Institute in Singapore.
In addition to his ecclesiastical roles, Bishop Dr. Mercado is the owner of five branches of the Asian Caregiving and Technology Education Centers Inc., contributing significantly to vocational education in the region.
He is married to Jocelyn Lorenzo Mercado and is a devoted father to Angel Psalm, Abigail Praise, Agape Paean, and Cierlyn.